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Successful Projects in the not-for-profit sectors? – 2012 has shown it is possible

Thursday, August 30th, 2012
The 2012 Olympics showed what amazing project leadership can do – what if you had just a tiny piece of that magic?
Frustrated with your organisation’s ability to deliver projects successfully? Do your projects give you the benefits you expect – or do they always seem to end up running late, costing more and just not delivering what you expected?
If this sounds familiar then you are not alone – our experience indicates that this is unfortunately the familiar reality across many sectors.
As with most successful organisational strategy – it starts at the top.
What do senior leaders actually need to do to facilitate success?
How do you decide whether to adopt a project approach or not?
Projects and operations are different – with significant implications if you don’t get it right.
As directors ourselves, and at the forefront of contemporary thinking around projects, two days with us will help your senior leaders deliver a step change in success for your organisation.
In a small group, our two directors work with you to explore these issues on the first day – and a few weeks later we develop the principles through your own project case studies. Join an open workshop with senior leaders from other organisations, or we can tailor one just for your team.
Other CEO’s and Directors who have attended our workshops have said:
“An enormous amount of knowledge for the ‘real
world’ environment”
“Pitched just right”
“Extremely useful”