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Communications Survey

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

The APM People SIG have a survey to learn about communication on projects.  Share your experience and take the survey here:

The Truth About CRM – should we ban the ‘C’ word?

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Building and managing relationships is the lifeblood of most not-for-profit organisations.  Whether contacts, customers, members or stakeholders – most would agree that it’s the relationship itself that really matters.  A focus on the ‘C’ word (customers or contacts) can divert us from the very essence of what we need to do.


When we ask organisations what CRM means to them, there is often uncertainty or a pure focus on the IT and systems.  Possibly a reflection of the proliferation of IT ‘CRM solutions’ that pervade the sector.


The uncomfortable truth is often:

·         Little or no perceived value for your members and stakeholders

·         Never ending projects to implement IT systems for CRM

·         Systems that staff don’t use – or complain about bitterly

·         Escalating costs and timescales

·         Suppliers who let you down.


Is it time to think about CRM projects in a different way? 

·         Relationships and experience can be at the heart of what you do in the project – delivering real value

·         CRM projects can complete – and do

·         Staff do adopt new systems and become advocates for working in better ways

·         Costs can be controlled

·         Suppliers will work with you.


The difference: – being clear about your CRM strategy, being organised, getting control, knowing when you are done – project management for CRM.  The difference between failure and success.


E AND H 2012 – Inspiring Projects for a generation

Are you getting the benefits you need from your projects?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

You will be familiar with the situation.  Your organisation has a problem and you feel you know the solution – perhaps a new IT system, or re-engineering your business processes?  You do the project, but its not quite as you thought it would be – scope, costs and timescales have all increased but you still haven’t got the result you thought you’d get.


Why is this so familiar?  Too often organisations launch into a project without really understanding what they need to do to get the result they want, as if somehow just doing the project will ensure benefits will follow.


Benefits dependency analysis is a simple but powerful technique that you can do right at the start.  It will help ensure everyone has the same understanding of what needs to be achieved – and how you will know when you’ve succeeded.  It will enable you to identify all the components needed for a successful outcome – and to scope the right project for your organisation.


Typically achieved through two half-day facilitated workshops with your senior team – analysis and mapping of the benefits you need can set a project off to the best possible start, or bring you back on track when things aren’t progressing as planned.

Information and Data – Are you exploiting your biggest asset?

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Imagine what it would be like if there were only one truth

If you know about all the data that exists in your organisation

And that data is organised and controlled

And the data becomes information that is shared and owned

And the information is used and creates insight every moment of every day

That insight is the most powerful asset you have.


Would you ask your team to think about data differently from today? 

What you know about your membership is your biggest strategic asset.  Are you exploiting it, if not, what do you need to do?