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An Opportunity to Learn more about Managing Projects – 19th September

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Do you understand enough about the fundamentals of how to manage projects successfully in your organisation?  Every organisation, large or small, does projects from time to time and a basic understanding of the management tools and techniques available can help ensure that your projects are successful.

On 19th September, Jane Royden will be delivering another of our popular project management workshops in Central London in partnership with MemNet.

Although primarily focused towards organisations in the Membership and other not-for-profit sectors, this workshop will be of real value for anyone who wants to know more about delivering projects.

The day will give you the opportunity to discuss your project challenges and potential solutions with a real expert, and you will find out about some practical tools and techniques that you can use straight away.   You will also get a 1-1 follow-up telephone mentoring discussion with Jane to explore any aspect of your organisation’s projects.

To find out more click on this link

Associations World Congress 2016

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

IT Projects – is there a gap between aspiration and outcome?

If only it was this easy

You do the project, but it’s not quite as you thought it would be – scope, costs and timescales have all increased and you still haven’t got the result you thought you’d get. At the same time, you may feel that there was a missed opportunity to really develop your team, or a more effective working relationship with your suppliers. Does this sound familiar?

Being able to use technology effectively to develop and transform your organisation is becoming ever more important. Why do so many organisations still experience this gap between aspiration and outcome – particularly when we understand why it happens, and the knowledge and tools needed to avoid it are available?

Jane Royden is exploring this issue at the Associations’ World Congress in Berlin, taking place this week from 10th – 12th April. Under the banner ‘Technology & People: What do you need to deliver the future?’ Jane will be speaking on Monday on ‘Exploring the Gap between Projects, People and Change’.

For more information see the Associations Network World Congress website.