Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project

Jane Royden
Posted by Jane Royden on Mar 31, 2009 in Peregrine
Fledgling Peregrine taken by Nick Moyes

Fledgling Peregrine taken by Nick Moyes

Peregrine Falcons first nested on Derby Cathedral in 2006 and raised three chicks there. Two more were raised in 2007.  Four peregrine chicks were ringed and fledged in 2008, and have now moved away from the City. The adult birds remain and the 2009 breeding season has just started.

The background to the project from the Derby City Council website says:

“Derby lies in the centre of England, and the ancient tower of its cathedral dates back over 470 years. Records suggest that peregrine falcons have roosted and hunted from the tower at many times over the centuries. But then in the mid-20th century their numbers crashed suddenly, and they were virtually wiped out from many parts of Britain and the world. A pesticide called DDT was found to be at fault, causing thinning of their egg-shells which then cracked during incubation. Only after DDT was banned, and peregrines given legal protection, did their numbers slowly start to recover. They began to return to their former haunts. In 2006 a young pair began to show signs of wanting to breed on Derby Cathedral.”

Thanks to Derby City Council we are able to share the link to their webcam and the opportunity to keep up to date with developments this year.

Follow this link to the Peregrine webcam

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