Peregrine perching on a branch

Peregrine Falcon
(Falco peregrinus)

The Peregrine Falcon could be described as the world’s most successful flying bird. Cosmopolitan in distribution, and with 19 distinct races, its performance as a flier is scarcely equalled by any other bird. The peregrine in stooping flight is the world’s fastest animal, and no description can convey its drama. Estimates of the speed achieved are put at well over 300kph. Its vision is stunningly powerful and still not fully understood. The peregrine has a very high density of receptors and other adaptations that maximise visual acuity. The placement of its eyes gives the species a high degree of binocular vision facilitating a precise judgment of distance.

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Find out more about the Peregrine Falcon

A Clear Way Forward

Visual management means
I can always see
the information I need

Visual Management

Visual Management is about being able to see what’s going on – which projects are nearing completion, which pieces of work are progressing and which aren’t, immediately being able to see any blockages in your processes, seeing visually which teams have a backlog of work and which don’t.


Visual Management is also about working collaboratively – people using the same shared system, with everyone having the view they need. It is about making it easy to be in control, whilst allowing people the freedom to manage their own work in the most efficient way.


E AND H have developed successful management solutions for the not-for-profit sector in Targetprocess – the best visual management tool available today. Targetprocess flexibly maps to different processes and projects in an organisation, helping managers and teams to cut through the clutter and focus on the things that matter.


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Project planning

Project flow



Targetprocess - so much better than manual, paper or spreadsheet-based systems in many areas:

  • Overview and detail of all your projects and other work
  • Planning maintenance to your facilities
  • Organising training sessions and events
  • Managing procurement
  • Recruitment – visibility from request to recruit through to starting work
  • And many more – in fact, almost any process that needs managing.


Targetprocess in action


For more information download our information sheet or contact us for a discussion or demonstration.


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