Are You Making the Most of What You’ve Got?

20 Aug 2020

By: David Hart

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Digital Transformation Perhaps – But Are You Making the Most of What You’ve Got?

Recent events have forced us all to change, wherever we are in our transformation journey, and the realisation that things aren’t going to get back to where they were quickly – or even at all – means that most of us are going to have to continue to change.  The question is what is driving that change?  Is your organisation one that is still having to react to external pressures, or are you able to take a more proactive approach and use intelligence from what you’ve already got to inform your change plan?

Effective transformation isn’t only about systems, it is very much about being able to understand and use the data and information we already have in a more effective way.

Data and information are powerful assets and tools that almost every organisation has, but very few manage to use them effectively to identify issues and drive change.  Most organisations have a CRM that comes with reporting tools, and have a website with access to google analytics, but few seem to be able to analyse their data and use the information to drive business decisions.

Now more than ever it is really important that we understand our members, customers and supporters – who they are, how they engage with us – and our organisation as a business – which activities have a positive impact, which don’t, which trends are moving in the right direction and which aren’t, which products and services are valued and which aren’t. As the economy contracts most of us will be under financial pressure – in these circumstances it is important to know where we are delivering value and which initiatives perhaps aren’t cost effective in the world we now find ourselves in.

For most organisations many of these things can be achieved through a better analysis and understanding of the data we already have.  Modern tools provide us with the ability to analyse and combine financial and non-financial information at both micro and macro levels to provide information that is relevant and useful, and can empower our decision-making.

Data analytics and the information gleaned from having a good understanding of our data can not only pinpoint problems that we need to address, but can also facilitate modelling, budgeting and forecasting, helping us focus effort and make the right decisions for the future.

It would be good to hear from anyone in the sector who has used data to drive decision-making over the last few months and moved their organisation to a better place as a result.  Email me at and we can publicise some success stories.  If you’re struggling to access or make sense of the data you’ve already got then please let me know – there might be a better way.

David Hart – Director, E AND H

August 2020