09 Jul 2015
Britain’s Energy Coast

Attended the network meeting of Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster last week.  Diverse range of businesses there from nuclear decommissioning to accountants.  More on BECBC here Image by Linda Bussey

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07 Jul 2015
Keeping Track of Projects at the MemNet Managing your Information and Processes Conference 15th July 2015

We have been invited to contribute to the MemNet conference in Canary Wharf next week (Weds 15th July)  – ‘Managing Your Information and Processes’.  Planning to deliver an interactive presentation with lots of tips and ideas for how you can use visual management for keeping your projects on track.  More details here:

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17 Jun 2015
Visual Management Webinar

Following the success of our Visual Management event in London in May, we repeating the event as a webinar in July.  This will provide an opportunity to hear about the concepts behind visual management, see a demonstration of the Targetprocess visual management solution for non-profit organisations, and ask questions about the system and the benefits.

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21 May 2015
The ‘Holy Grail’ of CRM?

At an event we delivered last week it was suggested that a successful CRM project is the ‘holy grail’ for Membership organisations.  Why should this be the case?  After all, there are plenty of systems suppliers out there who claim to be able to provide CRM for the sector, and we know all the fundamentals

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16 Apr 2015
Visual Management – Free Breakfast Event – Wednesday 13th May

Details of our free Targetprocess Visual Management breakfast event in Central London on Wednesday 13th May have now been confirmed. Join us to learn more about Visual Management, and how it represents an easier way of keeping in control and managing work.  With lots of new ideas it should be a great way to start

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27 Mar 2015
Visual Management for NFPs – Free Breakfast Event

We’re organising a free Visual Management breakfast event in Central London on 13th May for managers in the not-for-profit sectors.  If you’ve ever wanted: an easier way to manage your work and your teams, focusing on the things that matter to cut through the clutter and be able to visualise important information in an actionable

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17 Mar 2015
Managing Procurement – 2. Contracts

Many of the areas we are asked to help with are around contracts with suppliers.  In this second blog I’ve penned a few thoughts that reflect some of our experiences from working with supply contracts in non-profit sectors – hopefully one or two of them might be useful.  Just to be clear though, this isn’t

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03 Mar 2015
Managing Procurement – 1. Selecting a Supplier via Tender

Many of the questions we’ve been asked to address recently are around the management of contracts, suppliers and procurement.  I’m putting together a series of blogs around the subject and we will also be publishing good practice guidance, focused on the not-for-profit and membership sectors but widely relevant and, we hope, useful. This first blog

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07 Nov 2014
Is it really all about MS Project?

Of course it isn’t – MS project has its place, but it is just one of the tools available to project managers, and probably not one of the easiest to use. Have you ever felt that there must be a better way? What’s available? Which is the right approach for me? Join us for a lively

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10 Aug 2014
Visual Management of Projects and Processes

I’ve had something of an epiphany over the last 12 months or so, and now find myself selling software – something I would never have done before.  The software is Targetprocess, which enables any organisation to visually manage its projects and processes.  Let me explain why I changed my mind. Effective management is all about

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