07 Nov 2014
Is it really all about MS Project?

Of course it isn’t – MS project has its place, but it is just one of the tools available to project managers, and probably not one of the easiest to use. Have you ever felt that there must be a better way? What’s available? Which is the right approach for me? Join us for a lively

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10 Aug 2014
Visual Management of Projects and Processes

I’ve had something of an epiphany over the last 12 months or so, and now find myself selling software – something I would never have done before.  The software is Targetprocess, which enables any organisation to visually manage its projects and processes.  Let me explain why I changed my mind. Effective management is all about

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14 Dec 2012
Leading Project Management

In January and March E AND H are delivering a further two workshops in our series ‘Leading Project Management’ – for senior leaders in the Further Education sector.  The workshops, which are being done in partnership with LSIS (the Learning and Skills Improvement Service), focus on role of senior teams in ensuring organisations are able

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25 Oct 2012
Gamification in Project Management

Interesting presentation last night on the potential for gamification to be used in project management.  Development and investment in gamification over recent years has been significant, but what is its potential for improving the success of projects?  Using game-theory and game-design techniques to encourage engagement and positive behaviours can have a significant impact – engaged

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15 Sep 2012
Communications Survey

The APM People SIG have a survey to learn about communication on projects.  Share your experience and take the survey here:

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05 Sep 2012
The Truth About CRM – should we ban the ‘C’ word?

Is it time to think about CRM projects in a different way? The difference between failure and success – being clear about your CRM strategy, being organised, getting control, knowing when you are done – project management for CRM.

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04 Sep 2012
Are you getting the benefits you need from your projects?

Too often organisations launch into a project without really understanding what they need to do to get the result they want, as if somehow just doing the project will ensure benefits will follow.

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03 Sep 2012
Information and Data – Are you exploiting your biggest asset?

For membership organisations, as with many commercial businesses, what you know about your members is your biggest strategic asset. Are you using your information as effectively as you could be?

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30 Aug 2012
18 Mar 2011
APM Lens Presentation

Last Monday I joined my APM People SIG colleague Rob Sadler to deliver a presentation to the Coventry Branch of  the APM, about the new Lens Collective – A guide to seeing different perspectives in project management.  Read more at: and

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