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New Virtual Masterclass – CRM and Digital Transformation for Associations

15 October, 2020

Are you considering a digital project?  Digital transformation has been a buzz word in the sector for some time now, but what does it really mean? More importantly, what does it mean for your organisation and how should you go about it? More details at CRM and Digital Transformation for Associations

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Why spend money on digital transformation?

16 December, 2019

What does digital transformation mean for you? What problem are you trying to solve? How much is about IT – and how much is about culture and process? Join us on Monday 16th December 2019 at the Associations UK Congress and Expo in Birmingham to find out more.

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Membership Excellence 2019

2 May, 2019

Join us at MemberWise Membership Excellence where we are chairing the Partner Showcase B Session Track – 2nd May 2019 in London.

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Associations World Congress

9 April, 2019

Procuring a new CRM/Website – making it less difficult to get the right one for your association’s needs Join us in Gothenburg, Sweden on Tuesday 9th April for this crash course in procuring CRM and Web.

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Associations Congress

18 December, 2018

Understanding what a CRM can do for you and how to find the CRM that serves your association’s requirements.

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IoD Cumbria Event

7 November, 2018

Generation Y is soon to be the world’s largest demographic group by spending power and every business needs to understand its behaviour to stay ahead of the game. This event will explore the new challenges business face in the battle to stay relevant.

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