The Meaning of the Communication

31 Mar 2009

By: Jane Royden

Project Management

“The meaning of the communication is the response you get” is a great way to remember to try different things.  Last Friday I attended a meeting of the Association for Project Management (APM)  ‘People’ specific interest group of which we are a member. The aim of the group is “to lead the project management community forward in the areas of project and organisational culture, communication, structure, leadership and teamwork “.

It was an interesting event, not only because of the content of the day, a really informative session on “Web 2.0” (aka social networking and broadcasting stuff like Facebook, Linked In, My Space and tools like Twitter and this very blog – more at but for me, more so in the response of us, the group, to the communication we were receiving.

The content of the event prompted some really searching questions, which clearly had an impact on the group from the responses they made. For me they gave a real insight into different ways of thinking and how this is could be really useful for practical day to day interactions in the context of projects and change.

For example, as managers what does the shift in thinking towards a way of working where sharing information and collaborative working is the norm, mean for the options we have for communication?  How are the people around us reacting to this change?  What do we need to do differently to make sure we are part of this developing new paradigm?

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