What we do

Strategy, Business Case and Benefits

Feel that you need to find a clear way forward? Our benefits based approach to strategic change, will build a compelling business case for your investment decisions.

Projects, Programmes and Change

“Change is the only constant in life" – all organisations are now having to adapt to a much more agile project-based culture, where 'business as usual' increasingly becomes the exception rather than the norm.


Procurement can be a time-consuming minefield to negotiate. Whether you are selecting vendors for IT, CRM or website, or if it is a more routine supply contract you need, we can have over 25 years' experience in the public and non-profit sectors.

Digital Transformation

Technology offers transformative potential in a range of ways, from improving efficiency to being able to innovate and do new things, offer new and different services, and be able to engage with your membership and stakeholders more effectively.

CRM and Web Projects

Every membership organisation or trade association needs an effective CRM and website – but many still feel that what they have doesn't really meet their needs or support their future strategy.

Contract and Supplier Management

Many organisations fail to achieve what they need from suppliers or systems because of poor supplier relationships or inadequate supplier management. A good relationship and an effective outcome places demands on both the supplier and the client.

Business Solutions

As leaders in the Association and Membership sector your focus is likely to be around strategy, member engagement, new member acquisition and retention, as well as continuing to develop membership benefits to ensure your value proposition remains relevant and compelling.

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Think you might like to talk to us about your current or future projects – we may be able to enable you to make that transformative change. Get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about what you want to achieve.